Orel Services Ltd


Orel is a startup with focus in the automobile service industry and started to revolutionize the way of car detailing services 'were' done in UK and Europe regions.

   120 Days

Technology used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular Js, Ionic Framework, Cordova, Php, MySql

Online grocery

Problem Statement:

Orel wanted to create an Omni channel aggregator portal for car wash companies. They wanted to have a commission from car wash companies on each and every service booked.

Client wants a fully automated system with minimal human interference as they were lack of resources to maintain the portal.

Our Solution:

We provided them with an Omni Chanel aggregator portal. It provided them a complete solution which needs a very minimal admin works to operate the business.

With extensive features like real time vehicle tracking, the solution is providing a great attraction to customers and vendors.

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