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Even with an extraordinary website, companies need some interactive ways to convert their website visitors into customers. One of the ways to convert these customers is a website chat. Having a website chat will double the conversion rate of any organization. There are lots of online chat solutions available in the market, which are facing the following drawbacks.

Technology used: Android Studios, XCODE, Angular ,Nodejs, AJAX, Javascript, Phonegap.

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Current Scenario

There are lots of website chats which will work on the websites. But the backend chat support is restricted to system usage only. Admin needs to be available on the control panel of the chat system to be online; this makes it difficult for them to be live in most of the time. If there is no one is live in the admin side the user bounce rate will be higher due to the communication gap. For this we have developed a solution to solve these kinds of issues.

Our Solution

We have developed a simple chat system which can be integrated to your existing website very easily. Apart from that we have developed a mobile application which will run on both android and IOS devices. This Application will run in the background and notifications will be sent once a user logs into the website. Admin can also monitor all the users in various WebPages; we also support multiple chats and a CRM solution for the website chat users. Option for users to enter their mobile no and email id before entering the chat is also available. Apart from this all these data will be saved on the servers and it can be accessed from the web browsers too.

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