Why Most Businesses Need A Mobile App

Employees brainstorming how mobile apps could help them

Every business doesn’t need a mobile app.


For most businesses just having an optimised website would be enough, but for certain businesses a mobile app can offer more value to its customers.


1. Visible to customers at all times

The number of smartphone users in the world is nearly 2.7 billion in 2019.

The average adult spends around 50 days a year.

The Purchase Funnel

At any given point only a certain percentage of the customers are going to be in the final stages of the funnel.

It is extremely important to bring new people in the funnel and keep them engaged , nurture and lead them down the funnel.


Loyal Users Generate 25% More In-App Purchases(Source: Localytics)


Building relationships with app users and fostering long term usage are more important. Engaged users are more likely to convert and provide higher overall lifetime value.


2.Direct access to the customer

App acts as another marketing and communication channel to your potential customers


Push notifications

They get users back to the app through a message that is sent directly to their devices giving them a compelling reason to return

 Used by every major app for re-engagement.

Notifications help in sending relevant information to user’s and staying top of mind.

Push Notifications

 Push Messaging Drives 88% More App Launches.

Users who enable push have a nearly 3x higher retention rate compared to those who disable push.(Source: Localytics)

Source: Localytics

The image above shows that the engagement with push notification has been continuing its rise.

3.Benefit to customers.


It is the process of building a mobile application to meet the needs of specific audiences.User Experience is customised based on the users needs .

Personalisation in the app is done through recommendations based on their preferences , location, discounts and special offers.

Personalisation outside the app is achieved through push notifications.

All the personalisation is done to make the app more convenient to use ,improve user experience and retention.


In app payments and Seamless Checkout

mobile payment concept in flat style - human hand holding mobile phone with shopping cart and pay button on the screen

Mobile App technology lets customers pay easily and quickly.In-app payments once set up allows people to make purchases with just a few taps.

They do not have to enter their card details for every purchase.


Exclusive discounts and promotions

Consumers are more likely to buy due to the discounts and promotions offered 


 About 57% of more than 1,000 consumers surveyed by Yes Marketing said they have used a retailer’s mobile app while in-store, often to redeem or find coupons or discover items on sale. (Source: Retaildive)


4. Optimising Business Processes

Internal apps can help your employees work more transparently, efficiently, improve their work satisfaction and increase retention .

Optimised business process

For customers, identify the core function of your business and develop an app that can help your targeted audience and existing customer-base order your product or services using their mobile devices.

The more comfort and convenience you offer to your customers ,the more they will be attracted to their business.

This will help in increasing retention and finding new customers.

Eg: Banks allow customers to check statements , make payments and track transactions through their mobile app.It also allows them to upsell customers with their other products like loans or credit cards



Mobile app development is mainly aimed at reaching more customers and increasing customer engagement .

With the convenience of on the go access, your app offers a medium for connecting with customers for feedback, special offers and to easily share content with their friends ,further increasing brand reach.


As a mobile app development company ,we focus on helping only those businesses where a mobile app could really make a difference for them.

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