What do you need to learn from Google’s core algorithm update?

Google’s core search engine algorithm?

Each and everytime Google updates their search improvacy to provide better results to the users for the better search experience.

On May 4th Google updates leaves an update to their search engine and that is called as “Core update” which means a larger update in the year.

SEMrush Sensor has detected a significant increase in SERP volatility. So we may see the major update has been pushed out.

Google’s algorithm does the work for you by searching the queries from the user with the use of keywords. The results will be produced in order to the page ranked based on several factors.

All websites are ranked upon the number of visitors for the site. One thing we need to make sure and provide high quality results is the process of Google penalizing a website.

There are two automated programs called “Spiders” and “Crawlers”
Spider’s work is to visit web pages in search of new data to add to the index.
Crawler is known as discovering process in which the search engine send web bots to find out the new or updated contents.

Google’s spider’s advanced functions are, It determines the difference between Websites with actual content and redirect sites.

Pagerank system:

It’s one of the prominent feature that the google’s algorithm have updated called “Pagerank”, it is an automated process where every search results appears on the search engine and rank it in accordance to the number of impressions.

Pagerank is the only reason for the webpages that are appearing in the top 7 results when a user tends to search in Google.

Each and every page of a website will be assigning a score by Pagerank. So the page with higher rank appears on the search result page.

Scores will be determined by the number of pages that have been linked with the targetted website. Why because quality contents are ranked high here.

Understand the Google’s core algorithm:

Google’s Algorithm is a tricky but not a mysterious idea. It’s all the colloboration of individual factors and metrics. If you search for “Red velvet cake” in google then the algorithm simply weights the ranking of the page and produces the top results in the first page. Google’s algorithm made these process simple.

Relevancy in algorithm:

Content relevancy is must to when the query is been searched. Indexer must determine when the query searched and the result should be appeared.

By mix of all the on-page and off-page factors. These factors will focus on keywords, page titles and relevant texts.

What happens if you lose ranking during algorithm change:

Relevancy of a page changes when the Google updates their core algorithm. Page relevancy and uniquness will be changed. Google takes update on the process of leading webistes to lose their ranking. Google has changed their ranking method for a webpage in this core algorithm update.

Causes for core update:

If the Google updates their core algorithm then it causes existing algorithm for a change. If your site is at 4th position, when the algorithm updates then your site might be pushes to 7th or 8th position of the result page. This is due to updating the core algorithm. Efficient SEO services we provide in Chennai with the deep analysis of the site in accordance to the precised SEO strategy to pull the site when google’s algorithm updates.

Quality matters:

Quality is an complete matter that is need to be considered when the core algorithm gets updated especially Google’s search engine. Leading SEO experts would always consider the factors for websites to get broad update on core algorithm.

Relevancy is requisite:

After every update from Google’s algorithm, they’ve prospect into relevancy of the content and focus on it. Professional SEO analysts firmly looks for the content and quality factors for more relevancy. Relevancy can be forseen with whether the content is relevant to the subject mentioned and whether it discusses the table point. The content must be in a format with relevant to the point which is been currently discussed.


Some of these updates are so slight that they go completely unnoticed. but the search engine rolls out major algorithmic updates similarly. Here are some of the algorithms that Google has released before and we one of the leading SEO analysts in Chennai have followed

Intrusive Interstitials Update
EMD (Exact Match Domain)
Page Layout Algorithm

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