Various phases Involved in a web development Project

Requirement Gathering:

Once a potential customer approaches us with a project we have to first carefully list all the requirements of the project. This is a very important stage of the project as this will decide the complete flow of the website.

Requirement gathering will also focus on the main purpose of the project. The orientation of the website will completely change based on its purpose, whether it is a simple information site, a website for promoting your service or even a site to  sell your products, the detailed requirements have to completely discussed and analyzed.

Here the web developer may ask you lots of questions to get a better understanding on your requirements.

A design should be made based on your requirements, target audience and their needs in the scope of your budget.


This is another important stage of a web development project, once your requirement is gathered a web designer should come up with a innovative ideas for your project.

A designer will create a rough sketch based on the requirements considering the workflow and user experience. Better user interface will definitely increase the conversion rate for a website. It also naturally brings in traffic to the website by word of mouth marketing.

A designer will closely work with you to get feedback from a bunch of designs made by them. This stage is a cycling process of reviewing, tweaking and approving of the design until both you and the designer are satisfied with the sketch.


Once the basic sketch is ready the actual design starts, these sketches have to be converted into beautiful and reliable web design. We will use HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery and AJAX to bring life to the design. With the advancement of technology, the website has to be designed in a responsive way so that the website adapts itself to multiple devices like mobile, tablet and pc.

These designs will also be is a cycling process of reviewing, tweaking and approval until the design is finally satisfied.


Once the design phase is finally completed all the features of the website has to be developed. The core functionality of the website will be developed to make the website fully functional.

The functionality may be a very small one for a static or an informational site. It can also be highly complicated and time consuming for an e-commerce or a web portal based on the complexity of the project.


Testing is an essential part of all projects. It has to be definitely done in order to achieve a stable version of the web development project.

Series of testing phases and bug fixing phases will be done until the project is bug free and ready for release. Manual and automated testing will also be done for the developed website.

Compatibility testing and responsive testing will also be made to the website.


Once the testing phase is done the project will be handed over to the customer or the website will be hosted on the domain proffered by the client. From this point the maintenance of the website starts. It is definitely necessary to add, edit and revise text and images of your website on a regular basis to bring repeating customers.

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