Tips for Creating the Perfect Portfolio Webpage

As people are creating websites for the company, they have realized the importance of having a Portfolio Web page which reflects the services and the team of the company. It should be strong and attractive as it has an immense hand in impressing a visitor to the website. In case the website belongs to a freelancer who caters to the services of designing or writing or anything, then the portfolio page will emphasize in his or achievements and the images play a pivotal role in their aspect. Thus the role of the portfolio webpage is immense and should not be ignored.

Create a page with accurate information

Be short and crisp in the page. It should be descriptive enough to make the visitor understand the company or the individual services and achievements. It should not be lengthy and boring because the attention span of the visitor is very less and the content should be informative and to the point to attract their attention.

Use graphics and images to make it appear more convincing

Sometimes words are not as expressive pictures. Do less of talking and more of imaging if your field of service requires the same. Add pictures of the completed projects. If the website is about the food delivery chain, then add pictures of the dishes to make it look not only appealing but convincing.

Use Links to emphasize the work

To provide further credibility to the work, add the links of the published work or the completed projects. The prospects will be impressed upon seeing the work of the company and thus turn into customers.

Include the contact

Always make it a point to mention the means to allow the visitor to contact you. This is very important and some of the developers do not lay emphasis on this point. But when the customers are able to connect with the service provider, they can actually get some real time work as well.

Keep the Portfolio fed with information

Stagnancy can be very boring and the website should be tweaked with the latest information about the completed projects or published content to keep the visitors hooked on to it. This also increases the credibility of the service provider. A portfolio webpage which remains unaltered for a long time does not spark any interest in the regular visitor.

Never forget the LOGO

The brand gains identity with the logo and thus the logo should be present in the webpage otherwise the meaning of the entire exercise goes futile. The branding and brand building is absent.


The tagline is also as important as the Logo is. Thus the portfolio webpage should have the presence of the tagline also. These are the marketing gimmicks which rule in every scenario and tool because the main aim of all such exercises is to do the promotion and without logo or tagline, it is incomplete.

Understand the marketing sense because that remains unchanged as a rule. The marketing gurus have made the rules which are still relevant and fresh and will always remain the same.

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