These latest mobile app trends will make a mark in your business

Mobile apps are important marketing tools in today’s world of digital media. Nowadays even a 5 years old kid knows how to use the latest smartphones. And it has become very important for businesses to develop mobile apps to retain their customers and engage them for a longer time. A business is nothing unless its potential audience knows about it. Mobile application development is the best and innovative solution to engage your customers and boost the productivity of the business. For business entrepreneurs, it becomes crucial to be ahead of the competition and in this mobile app development becomes an inevitable part.

Smartphones are like inseparable part of our day to day lives and you cannot deny to the fact that how much you love to spend time playing games on smartphones, chatting with your friends and even your morning starts with your smartphone’s alarms. Instead of using laptops and computers for gaming and surfing net, everyone uses their smartphones and here lies the role of mobile apps. Mobile apps engage a lot of people in the businesses which use mobile app development as their advertisement or promotional tool.

Every year the trend in mobile app development keeps on changing and to remain on the top business entrepreneurs should keep pace with the latest trends in mobile app development.

 M-commerce-to boost your business

Mobile commerce is an excellent choice for enterprises to grasp more audience. It helps you in increasing your business visibility because your customers have instant access to product information. Making full use of smartphones entrepreneurs can use mobile commerce for efficient product purchasing and transaction efficiency. Mobile commerce is also suitable for business types such as B2B, B2C or C2C. Through these applications, retailers will be able to understand customer interests and track their purchasing habits. Therefore, by meeting the needs of consumers, you can establish a better business relationship with your customers. M-commerce is a trend that cannot be neglected.

Hybrid mobile app development-Save time and money

Hybrid mobile app development is a rapidly evolving technology and so far has been in the industry for many rounds. With its never-ending nature, it helps save money and can be deployed on multiple, single operating systems. While many developers prefer native application development, the need for hybrid applications is increasing dramatically. It is another most effective way to attract more and more customers to your business.

AMP- Google’s new tool for business

It’s been one year since Google started Accelerated Mobile Pages. In addition, Google recently announced that it will have a separate mobile web search index. This revolutionary step has revolutionized the movement of mobile apps, especially from the point of view of SEO and Web applications. Google AMP supported web apps load faster on mobile devices and dramatically reduce bounce rates. It also helps publishers increase visibility and more visitors to their ads. Therefore, this advanced technology is bound to become a role model for the development of mobile applications in the coming year.

Track& deliver- GPS in mobile apps

Global Positioning System enables mobile applications to enhance the current set of services and develop new areas for business needs. GPS-enabled mobile apps have penetrated the mobile app market. Well-known applications are taxi bookings such as Uber and other food ordering apps. Businesses can take advantage of the power of mobile GPS capabilities to deliver customized, relevant results to their people. Likewise, truck companies and other delivery services will be able to see their current location from their place of dispatch in real time. This trend has completely revolutionized the delivery system. It has made so much easy for the people that they have started loving ordering online.

Growing trend of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been slow in the area of smartphones but is still growing. Companies like IBM, Google and Facebook are adopting this technology for another revolution. As artificial intelligence soars, algorithms are becoming more competitive and complex. Augmented reality or virtual reality occupies a special place in the field of mobile games. AR/VR has started attracting most people in the world with its latest technological endeavor. Using AR/VR technology in the mobile apps has become another great way to make your business attract different ranges and age groups of audience.

Cloud-based apps- To create a revolution in mobile app development

The task of quickly building an application usually requires a lot of space to function properly. Well, the cloud is its answer as it has endless features and heavy graphics. They are very fast, safe and flexible to build. The demand for different types of devices connected to mobile devices has seen tremendous growth. The core focus is on mobile applications that synchronize and integrate multiple devices. As a result, the cloud approach will allow multiple functions such as AI, IoT, and wearable devices.

Mobile app security is a must

With the increase in hacker attacks, phishing and intrusion into mobile applications, it has become a crucial aspect of social and enterprise applications that target theft of personal data more easily. Data security is the primary focus of application developers and owners to minimize the risk of information and data breaches. A more secure authentication mechanism, wireless data encryption will require a controlled and secure mobile application function.

Here are some of the latest trends in mobile app development that make a mark in your business.


With the rise in competition, it has become essential for every business to get updated with the latest marketing trends to keep up the pace. Mobile applications offer uninterrupted services to the valuable customers and make them love your business services. It is one of the smartest ways to give a boost to your business. With the increase in smartphones, mobile apps are becoming a bottom line of generating revenue. A smartly mobile app development in Chennai definitely catches the eyes of the customers and helps the business owners to increase the customer base. Mobile apps create a long-lasting impression on the user’s minds and following the latest trends give a much-needed rise in your business.

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