People often use the term Web designing and Web development interchangeably. As a matter of fact, the terms are considered as same by several experts in the industry also. But in reality, there is the difference between the two terms as well as the experts who are related to the trade. Analysing the points of difference is important for a better understanding of the entire concept. In simple terms, Web Designer is a Creative Expert while Web Developer is a technical expert. Web designers can understand the requirements of the clients of a website and thus design the same and … Continue reading Figuring out the difference between Web Designer and Web Development

The websites are designed by the developers for their respective clients with the idea to improve their sales target and establish the web address. Thus the companies should be able to extract maximum benefits out of the website. But if the desired results are not yielded, then it is time to engage an expert and get the website redesigned. The website also gets old with time and the revamp of the same can give a facelift to the site which can attract many users towards it. But one would definitely not like to lose the business while the website is … Continue reading Redesign Your Website without Losing Your Business Sales

Fonts, in the normal sense, mean the style, size, and beauty of the letters. The font deigns to differ and make the page appear beautiful. As far as Web Fonts are considered, there are more parameters which can play a decisive role in the embedding of the fonts in the webpage. The website designers are aware of the points and thus can offer the best explanation to their respective clients. The graphics and web developers create the websites and the mobile applications. While designing the same, they have to consider various factors and come forth with the results after the … Continue reading Fonts play an important role while creating a website

Web development segment has witnessed a massive boost over the last few years. This is due to the fact that Internet-enabled activities of the people have come to prominence. In today’s hugely competitive world, the urge to outshine is much higher than ever. Thus every company should have a website irrespective of the size of the business. The credibility of the company depends on the presence of the website also. The companies which are offering the website development services have been increasing to satiate the demand for the relevant services. The professionals with such skills get hired at the city … Continue reading Latest Updates on Website Development

Why are web developers so much in demand? The obvious question may arise in the minds of many people. But the answer is very simple. As the need to have an impressive web address is felt by the companies, the need to have website designers and developers have also grown manifolds. Even the Institutions which are catering to such courses have multiplied due to the demand for the professional course. The web activity has heightened and the companies do feel the necessity to go on the online map just to prove their worth and credibility to their target audience. Chennai … Continue reading Best Website Designing and Development Company in Chennai, India

There is the availability of a plethora of devices for accessing the internet. The statistics have provided that the mobile internet users have overtaken the other devices like desktops. The screen size of the desktop or the computer and mobile has a huge difference. But the websites should open in all, irrespective of the size of the screen. Exactly this is the motive of the web developers when they are faced with the challenge of designing a single website which is fully operational on all the devices. Thus the Responsive web design became to the fore and gained immense functionality … Continue reading Why Responsive Design is Important for Website?

As people are creating websites for the company, they have realized the importance of having a Portfolio Web page which reflects the services and the team of the company. It should be strong and attractive as it has an immense hand in impressing a visitor to the website. In case the website belongs to a freelancer who caters to the services of designing or writing or anything, then the portfolio page will emphasize in his or achievements and the images play a pivotal role in their aspect. Thus the role of the portfolio webpage is immense and should not be … Continue reading Tips for Creating the Perfect Portfolio Webpage