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Clutch Calls Intrepid IT Services Top Development Provider in India
It takes more than expertise to be a great development vendor. It takes the courage to exceed expectations. Some might even call this an … intrepid approach. We fearlessly tackle mobile app development, web development, and digital marketing. Not many vendors dare to wield this powerful of a toolbelt. But,...
Hybrid app examples
11 Hybrid App Examples that Redefined Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
Before I list out the hybrid app examples , let me first explain a little bit about the difference between native app and a hybrid app. The main difference between hybrid and native apps can be described in terms of their development cost.Hybrid apps are more affordable than native apps,...
Website Development Process-featured image
Website Development Process : 7 Steps to a Great Website
What exactly is a website development process? Simply put, It is the process of building and maintaining websites .   A website today  is more like a face for business these days as it allows the brand or business to get in touch with their customers. And then it will...
types of web applications
10 Types of Web Applications to Simplify your Business
In this article ,We go over the different types of web applications.   But first, lets understand what a web application is.   A web app is a website that designed to look and feel like a downloadable app. And just like websites , some are static and rarely updated...
Picture of a magnifying glass highlighting a bug on a computer screen.
15 Effective Mobile Testing Types (Everything you ought to know)
What are the different types of mobile testing ? You may have heard of some of them Functional testing, Security testing, Performance tests, Usability tests etc   Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.And no technique is better than the other.   In this article  you will get an overview...

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