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Mobile App Development Frameworks build apps faster
9 Popular Mobile App Frameworks in 2019
Apps can be built using each platforms native tools Objective-C , Swift for iOS and Kotlin, Java for Android. They can also be built using the cross platform mobile app development frameworks that would allow the app to work on multiple operating systems allowing developers to write less code.  In...
Types of Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps: Types and Categories
Types of Mobile apps 1. Native apps Built exclusively for a mobile devices operating system can not be used on a platform other than the one it was created for .therefore they are “native” to a particular platform or device.   Native apps can be accessed and installed from their...
Most Common Mobile App Development Mistakes
With over 2.7 billion smartphone user's across the world, the mobile app industry is growing at a rapid pace.(Source: Statista) The average consumer is likely to check their smartphone 47 times every day. 90% of the time spent on mobile is on apps  and as mobile app usage continues to...
Employees brainstorming how mobile apps could help them
Why Most Businesses Need A Mobile App
Every business doesn’t need a mobile app.   For most businesses just having an optimised website would be enough, but for certain businesses a mobile app can offer more value to its customers.   1. Visible to customers at all times The number of smartphone users in the world is...
Trends in Mobile App development
Trends in Mobile App Development: 2019
1.Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Machine learning provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve based on experience and without being explicitly programmed. They access data and learn by observing patterns in data  without human intervention or assistance. It delivers results faster and more accurately and helps to identify...