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Reasons Why Android App Development Company Is Getting More Popular In Chennai
All of a sudden there is buzz about android phones– companies are churning out Android mobile one after the other, each competitively priced than other– Samsung, LG, HTC, Micromax, Sony, almost all the big brand names have jumped in. An interesting question to think here is–what has made android mobile...
How to submit your website to search engines manually
For every business a website will always be a very powerful tool to showcase their business globally. Your website will be available for your customers 24 X 7 and will be marketing your business for you. A website needs to be marketed in order to bring in traffic to the website....
Various phases Involved in a web development Project
Requirement Gathering: Once a potential customer approaches us with a project we have to first carefully list all the requirements of the project. This is a very important stage of the project as this will decide the complete flow of the website. Requirement gathering will also focus on the main...
How responsive website design can boost your traffic
Do you have a website? Have you tried to open your website in a mobile or Tablet? Is your site readable and perfectly aligned in all these devices? If not you have to consider a revamp of your website to improve your online presence and ultimately boost your traffic. What...
How M-commerce apps are transforming customer experience
In today’s fast pace world, customer are becoming more and more mobile friendly and want everything – be it a service or products right at their doorstep from the convenience of their home. With the increased usage or smart phones, the trend of Mobile app has gained tremendous popularity. As...