Avoid these mistakes while making mobile app development winning strategy

In this world of smartphones, mobile apps have become a daily business for everyone. Everyone is found to be on their phones always and if you are a business owner you should take full advantage of this fact to grab the attention of your potential audience.

Smartphones have changed the consumerism in a few short years and have become everyone’s favorite tool for shopping, marketing, socializing, communicating and almost everything. As a marketer, cell phones are a great place to connect with your audience.

However, great powers have a great responsibility. Since the phone is such a personal medium, it is the easiest place for marketers to make a lot of mistakes and eventually to close customers forever.

Have a look at the mistakes you should avoid as a marketer while doing mobile app marketing.

Plagiarism is not accepted

Copying the contents of a website’s pages is often a mistake made by most delegates because they mistakenly expect that this is what the client needs. As a general rule, it should provide an incredible path for organizations to provide them with a more engaging and streamlined understanding. It is one of the most common and amongst the biggest mistakes made by the marketers.

Letting go of minor details

If you do not focus on the importance of titles, descriptions, and keywords, this is not a way to guarantee downloads and traction. This may have a negative impact on the rankings. Another common mistake is not to focus on customer reviews for loyal and happy customers. If you do not actively encourage users to leave a comment, you will lose new prospects.

Avoiding of Paid ads by marketers

Many application developers avoid spending money on application marketing and application but the application market is very crowded requiring a variety of marketing methods. As a result, no pay ads have been made or even lower than the incentive to download. Mobile advertising campaigns can be completely paid as soon as you can and find the right person. Therefore, you must first find the best advertising platform, and you must know who you advertise. In addition to ASO, app install ads can help you get more downloads as they redirect users to your app store pages. The most common platforms for implementing app install ads are Google’s mobile app install campaigns, Facebook app install ads and Apple search ads.

Not having a good plan

A successful strategy will have a high retention rate because it provides users with long-term value. A good way to accomplish this is to include a loyalty program to track the user’s journey and provide a reason to keep getting them.

Forgetting about the incremental updates

You must consider the incremental updates and capabilities of your products from a phased roll out giving priority to the most important ones first. The sooner you get out of the mindset of “All or none” product launches, the sooner you start building great apps.

Too much mobile experience

Too much mobile experience is just a smaller version of the branded desktop achieving exactly the same functionality and trying to shrink it to a small screen. However, mobile apps are a completely different piece of experience and new opportunities for it should be treated differently. Mobile customers will soon abandon the overwhelming design of pages that emulate desktop content pages. It is quite common to assume that customers will enter as much mobile device information on the desktop as possible. However, it takes a lot of time to design input on the mobile device and it is important to design this. In fact, a small screen can be a blessing because it allows you to focus on what’s really important.

Mobile app development is not easy as it seems to most business owners. It is a job to be done by professionals who have years of experience so that your business can do well. Professionals know the latest trends and techniques to design your business’s mobile app so that it can attract a huge audience and make your business reach the heights.

Ignoring quality check and testing

Post quality assurance and testing are some of the most crucial steps. Make sure you already include correcting the error that occurred after launch or the wrong schedule.

Not keeping track of the mobile apps

If you did not keep track of what happened after the download, you may experience a high abandonment rate. Therefore, you need to start tracking post-download analysis, finding out what people are experiencing, and how to increase retention rates. Well, it is very important to keep a track of your business so that you can avoid making business fails on your own. Make sure that you are always in touch with what is happening around so that you can work better to promote it.

App search optimization avoided

It is not possible to have at least one similar application. If you want users to find and download your application, rather than install your competitors, then there is no App Store Optimization. Because rankings in search results have a serious impact on your app downloads and hence your main goal should be to improve the look-and-feel of apps in your store. Therefore, the higher your search results rankings, the more likely your visitors are to download your app. Although ASO can be very time-consuming, it must be an integral part of application marketing. By regularly adjusting your application metadata, such as app titles, keywords, and app descriptions, you’ve been able to increase your keyword rankings without spending any marketing dollars.

Ignoring the need of user experience

Publishing an app is essentially a mobile website launcher that conveys to your customers information that you do not know about mobile devices. This will quickly lead them to look for a native alternative application. This is because native applications are built for a world full of Internet connections and time. Building a mobile application can be a daunting task and building local applications for multiple platforms can be unbelievable. Customers are always more focused on their user experience.


Following are some of the mistakes you should avoid when you design an effective mobile app marketing strategy. Performing these mistakes can make your business go wrong. Be smart and choose to be the best!

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