Make mobile app testing an efficient one

Mobile app testing:

Core part of development is Testing. If you develop an app then you have to go for a testing to check the quality of the app. You may get maximum downloads after launching but 25% of them will uninstall it if they face any bugs on it, bugs in the sense they may get server connection related issues, which means the money you spent on development is waste.

This QA testing which is known as Quality Assurance, is a process where the app developers ensures their app’s detailed functions well and they can able to list out their bugs easily after this test.


Testing the usablity:

We Intrepid IT Services guarentee that your User Interface will encompasses major functions of the application and provide a better user experience. Other than the UX testing we also test the mobile interface usablity test to ensure the application is ready to use for your target audience.

Test the reliable performance:

App can be work from anywhere, anytime can stumble on it’s performance such as weak signal, load excess. Our QA team performs scalablity test to resolve reliable bugs. For large applications like banking, e-Commerce and messaging platforms our team test their backend

Pliablity authorize test:

Mobiles apps are inescapable in human day to day life, so we ensure the safe and secure options after development. Our specialists relying 9 years of experience on enabling compliant measures while developing the application and they follows the official guidelines and regulations of Android, iOS & Windows platforms.

Making test automation:

Data driven and keyword-driven approach for functional test automation and regression testing. We offer automation for backend testing. Our QA team assure efficient and high quality mobile app for your target audience upon your requested requirements.



Know about how do we approach app testing:

1. Analyzing the requirements and identify if any loopholes
2. Select device and test since number of devices are increasing vastly
3. Drafting the test cases

Test the app with emulators:

Emulators are a duplicate virtual device that runs entire application or a hardware to visualize the functions. At Intrepid IT Services we design every apps and run it with a emulator to visualize it to the customer for a great view about the development stages and designs, since they’re opensource and cost effective.

Testing on a cloud platform:

At Intrepid IT Services we suggest our customers for cloud application development, since they’re accesible from everywhere and reliable for usage. Apps can be tested with cloud servers which allows the developers to run their app with emulators and test with the latest mobile devices/platforms for the padding views.

Developing apps? then you have to face challenges:

Testing is the only reason to provide seamless experience to the users in various OS platforms. Testing engineers are the responsible for any issues in applications like network errors and API integration errors. So the application can be fragmented. Testing every number of test cases requires development teams to perform work sourcing.

What additionally Intrepid IT Services follows regularly:

Do you know what are interrupt conditions?
Don’t think this would be an interruptions to the business rules and testing practices. This is about Incoming calls and the text messages that the user would receive when using the application. Interrupt testing must consider about how the app is going to behave when an call notification or a text message receives. (e.g., If i answer a phone call) if you’re middle of a game then once you return back to the game unfortunately if the game progress was lost then interruption occurs. QA tester must come under these type if interruptions in the application.


This article from Intrepid IT Services provides you an strategy about how to make an mobile testing an efficient one? though this is not a elegant work but if a user faces any critics while using it, constantly they can take a bit of 3-4 seconds to load then they will turn one’s back on, So if the testers found any flow is broken then they prevent them from the broken flow and resolve it during the test, that’s why QA testers are known as prodigious of mobile app development. They’re complete reason to bring out your app without any remark on it’s function. Follow the endorsed strategies, as we at Intrepid IT Services had also followed and suceeded 99.9% of mobile app bug free.

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