Importance of Agile technology in product development

Agile technology now becomes very popular in the market. But many of us do not have much information about it. They heard the term Agile but do not understand the importance of this technology in the aspect of product development. They are giving hundred percentage efforts in their product, but at the end, they are unable to get the expected result from it. Whereas many Web Development Companies in Chennai are having the great result in the same product by just using the Agile method. So this article will help those people who have little knowledge of Agile. After reading this they will understand the importance and also how it makes differences in the market.

What is Agile– In 2001 all guidelines and principal of Agile technology was published by a group of software developers which is very helpful to understand what is Agile and why we should use Agile. Agile is a frivolous software growth procedure that evolved in reply to the shortcomings of the old-style waterfall process of project management and product development. At first, we should know the guideline to understand the Agile method which will help us to know Agile to some extent.

  1. Entities and Communications over developments and tools
  2. Working software over complete records
  3. Client alliance over indenture conciliation
  4. Retorting to alteration over following an idea
  5. Commercial people and designers must work together daily all the way of the project.
  6. Agile procedures connect change for the client’s modest advantage.
  7. Agile methodsendorsemaintainable development.
  8. Incessantcare to technical fineness and good design improves dexterity.
  9. Supply working software regularly, from a couple of days to a couple of months, with a preference to the little period.
  10. At steady intermissions, the team imitates how to become more operational, then tunes and regulates its performance consequently.

Benefits of Agile technology– Now we are going to discuss the advantages of this technology which will help to understand why almost all companies are now using Agile instead of the waterfall method.

  1. The Agile methodology inspires teamwork and flexibility by working in small additions of period and scope. Whereas the waterfall method is very much simple and disciplined, but it only gives importance to the consecutive order discourages flexibility.
  2. In Agile, progress is alienated into small additions of the product that are finished one at a time or “dashes”. The development team has to have full knowledge of the whole product development order within each “dash” to deliver a product increment. That means that all investors including product manager, marketing team, manager, and client must meet to regulate the necessities of each dash. This empowers complete arrangement and better teamwork.
  3. Client participation is very vigorous to the achievement of an agile project. Steadydiscussions between client and developers guarantee that their requirements are heard repeatedly and those variations can be applied earlier.
  4. Credentials of product necessities from the client’s point of opinion and episodic repetition mean that we have a scheme of arrangement that meets the client requirements and hurriedly offers value.
  5. Testing the main value proposal first and gradually adding features based on client reaction means that funds stay under control and proceeds are foreseeable.

So these are the reasons why most of the companies are now using an agile process in their product development

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