11 Hybrid App Examples that Redefined Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Hybrid app examples

Before I list out the hybrid app examples , let me first explain a little bit about the difference between native app and a hybrid app.

The main difference between hybrid and native apps can be described in terms of their development cost.Hybrid apps are more affordable than native apps, which are built specifically for iOS or Android.

Developers have to write separate code to create apps for iOS and Android platforms, which increases the development time and thus cost of native apps. For hybrid app development, developers get the liberty to use a single codebase to create mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Thanks to the presence of cross-platforms app development frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, etc. which redefined the way hybrid apps are created and thus their usability and performance.

These frameworks reduce development time and thus make hybrid apps more affordable.

Of course, native apps are the most preferred choices among businesses; hybrid apps are not far behind. Businesses especially startups and mid-range organizations frequently opt for hybrid app development.

Hybrid apps are of late considered to be the right choice for businesses irrespective of their size, type, nature, etc.

Businesses either opt for native or hybrid apps when it comes to mobile application development. It goes without saying that each app has its own benefits, be it increasing brand awareness, product sales, revenue generation or similar thing.

Before going into details of hybrid app examples, let’s take a glimpse of basics.

What is Hybrid App?

Hybrid apps are most popularly referred to as web applications, which are basically single-page apps. These apps combine both mobile and web world and thus help users in getting a unique experience while accessing it.

Developers leverage HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a variety of hybrid applications, which use native browser to run.


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Top Hybrid App Examples that Enjoy a Higher User Engagement

We are going to present here some of the top-notch hybrid app examples that have created a stir in the market and redefined the usability and thus performance of hybrid applications.



As one of the popular productivity apps, Evernote tops among hybrid app examples. The app is also known for its elegant design and robust performance, which makes it stand apart from other apps in this segment.

screenshot of evernote app

Its multi-device sync capability makes it unique and seamless. It delivers a completely fluid and native alike experience, which makes it the most lovable among users.

Features :

  • Use camera to capture and scan anything.
  • Sync all-important notebooks, notes, etc. automatically.
  • Design, discuss and share your memos and notes with those who helped you in completing your work.
  • Keep your thoughts fully organized by creating a personal to-do list.
  • Home screen widget to access app quickly and easily.

Another best hybrid app example, Instagram is one of the leading social media apps that witness higher user engagement every day. It’s the best platform to share images and videos.

Powered by HTML5, the app comes with an ability to support both offline data and also rich media – the best example is its signature short videos. Also recognized as a photo-sharing application, the app lets users access it’s all features and media even in the offline mode.


  • Get closer to individuals and things you love by joining the vast community
  • Add images and videos to make an interesting story with fun creative tools.
  • Message friends directly
  • Post images and videos to your feed that you are interested to display on your profile.
  • Access IGTV to watch longer and an interesting video.



It’s the most popular web application that runs on m.uber.com. Uber doesn’t need any specific introduction as it’s already popular among users as a taxi-booking app. Uber is also a great for hybrid app example and blessed with an intuitive and simple user interface amalgamated with easy navigation. The user-friendly hybrid app is far ahead of its rival for letting user book taxi hassle-free.

Person using uber app

The app is capable of performing fast on multiple devices and caters to both iOS and Android users with dynamic features. It revolutionized online taxi booking and is serving clients globally. The application serves its ultimate goal of connecting drivers with users.


  • The app uses user’s location to help drivers pick up the customer’s locations easily.
  • Riders can see driver’s image.
  • The app lets riders save driver’s picture.
  • Payment can be made through a digital wallet, credit card, and debit card.
  • You can see vehicle details and also can track drivers through Google Maps.



Sworkit is one of the most popular fitness applications and helps users get an ultimate guide to do physical workouts and exercise to help them achieve their fitness goals.

An interactive video session is indeed quite helpful for users to set their fitness goals and make their right strategy to achieve it successfully within the set time-frame. With Sworkit, users get the liberty to sync the app with Google fit app, in order to track the data hassle-free.


  • Get 6 weeks program to become physically fit and strong
  • The app includes 300 plus customizable workouts, 400 body weight and small equipment exercises, etc.
  • Users can add or remove exercises to personalize any of the available workouts.
  • Users can fix their own schedule to do workout successfully.
  • Sworkit app lets users enjoy 1-1 assistance from experts.


Baskin Robbins

The most popular app named Baskin Robbins leveraged the latest version of HTML and behaves like a native application in terms of performance, features, etc.

Users get the facility to access the app even in offline mode with the same user interface and features.

You can access the app offline on multiple platforms as well. Baskin Robbins is one of the greatest examples of combining HTML5 and native features.


  • The app lets users get discounted coupons and deals.
  • Users can order customizable cake to make their celebration spicy and meaningful.
  • Make instant and easy payments directly from the application for every purchase.
  • Users just need to create events and get reminders about upcoming events to make the celebration special.
  • With the app, users find it quite easy to locate shops.
  • One can easily send their mobile gift cards to their loved ones.



Pacifica is another popular application that is much-talked for its alluring user interface. The app is blessed with a set of videos that can be easily added to its background to make its overall appearance enchanting.

The video-based background of the app makes it look and feel similar to native apps.


  • The app lets users easily track health, mood, thoughts, goals, etc.
  • Users can easily connect with CBT Therapist.


Remote POS

Remote POS app serves its sole purpose of managing and controlling an entire restaurant. The application includes the ability to work offline. Meanwhile, it needs an internet connection for printing the generated bill.

Remote POS includes the higher storage capacity as it is blessed with both cloud and local data storage.

The application performs outstandingly and is quite efficient for managing orders and handling staff.


  • Customer mobile application
  • Cloud-based application
  • Users get notifications related to promotional offers and deals on a regular basis.
  • It helps business create customer loyalty.
  • The mobile app facilitates fast and easy transaction.



While talking about some of the best hybrid app examples, it’s impossible to forget about the Gmail application. Google leveraged the power of HTML5 in restricting the Gmail app to redefine the user experience with advanced functionalities, features, etc.

screenshot of gmail app

Earlier Gmail was powered by HTML, which limited its usability.

After adopting the mobile strategy, Google has combined both HTML and native elements successfully into the application to make it more meaningful with a seamless performance.


  • The app includes an organized inbox to categorize social and promotional messages.
  • Gmail app can block spam before it comes to your inbox.
  • The app includes 15 GB of free data storage to store a large number of messages.
  • Users get facilitated with multiple account support.



Another popular social media app and one of the most sought-after hybrid app examples that a few of us are aware of, Twitter witnessed a large amount of traffic.

screenshot of twitter app

It in fact sorted out all setbacks of a hybrid app, which is talked about majorly for performance issues.

Twitter has in fact changed users’ perception about the hybrid application and thus fostered the demand of these apps among businesses.


  • Users can enjoy watching live and premium video streaming directly from their mobile devices.
  • Discover your interesting news.
  • Express your thoughts by writing a tweet.
  • Get notifications about who is your new follower.
  • Keep eyes on viral and interesting stories.
Apple App Store

You may be surprised to know that the Apple App Store is also developed on the hybrid app development approach. Leveraged the unlocked potential of HTML5, Apple App Store is also a popular hybrid app example.

Person browsing through apple app store

The app is also the best example of the use of native elements for the bottom navigation and top search bars.

It positively impacts on user experience, which is more fluid and awesome.

When it comes to the search results, these appear as web views and also reload after every search.


  • The app lets users experience a personal way to enjoy shopping for the latest Apple products.
  • Users can get a recommendation based on their purchase history and interest.
  • The app lets users find the best products and accessories that are fully compatible with their devices.
  • Users can track their order.
  • Make easy and fast payments through Apple Pay for the products and accessories that you buy.


Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store is another hybrid app example that is powered by HTML5. The app redefines the experience of users while accessing it.

screenshot of amazon app store

Its top-notch user interface makes it unique among users and also makes the app highly engaging.


  • Easy and fast :checkout process
  • App review to guarantee users get quality products
  • User reviews and feedback
  • Global distribution
  • Make paid apps free


Why Business should Think about Hybrid Apps

As mentioned above, hybrid app development is cost-effective compared to native app development. It is, of course, enough reason why business is inclining towards hybrid application development.

Take a glimpse of some other reasons why businesses nowadays frequently opt for hybrid apps:


Native Experience

Hybrid app developed on the framework like React Native and Flutter is capable of delivering a better user experience alike to native apps. It helps app engage maximum users and increases product sales to help businesses generate hefty revenues.


Quick Loading speed

Native apps always come to our mind, when we talk about high-speed application. Hybrid apps are not far behind in this arena. The main reason is that these apps don’t depend on network communication and it runs flawlessly on users’ devices.


Offline Support

It’s a popular feature of native apps. With the rapid growth of technologies, hybrid apps also provide offline support. Users can access almost every feature and important data even without an internet connection.


Unified Development

Some popular cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Flutter, and others not only increase the performance of mobile applications but also changed the entire process of hybrid application development.

These frameworks in fact simplified the process of developing these apps by letting developers write a single code and implement it for creating an app on different platforms.


Wider Market Reach

Since the hybrid framework is capable of running on multiple platforms, hybrid apps can easily reach among multiple targeted groups. So, these apps are helpful in widening your business reach to expand your horizons.


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After going through the above facts, you now have a clear understanding that how hybrid apps are gaining popularity among people.

The credit goes to many established market players like Google, Apple, Amazon, and others for launching their hybrid apps. It fostered the demand for hybrid apps among businesses.

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