How to submit your website to search engines manually

For every business a website will always be a very powerful tool to showcase their business globally. Your website will be available for your customers 24 X 7 and will be marketing your business for you.

A website needs to be marketed in order to bring in traffic to the website. there are several ways of marketing a website and one of the best way is by bringing the website to first page of all major search engines.

Even before you bring the website to first page of Google the website has to be indexed by these search engines. Automatically search engines may take minimum of one week to maximum of months to crawl a new website.

It is highly recommend to submit your website manually to major search engines, Even though search engines does not guarantee of indexing your website by manually submitting your website to them we can use it to let search engines know who have created a new website.

Google, yahoo and bling are the major search engines used by majority of the users. We recommend you to manually submit your site’s url to these three websites to get better results.

Before submitting your site to search engines, you have to check whether your site is already indexed in these search engines. To check it we have to go to a search engine and type your domain url with a prefix of site: word.

For ex if your domain url is you have to go to Google and type

Repeat this for all the search engines before submitting your url to them

Submit Site to Google

Google gives us a very quick and easy method to submit our URL. Simply go to Google’s web page to submit url and enter your domain name and verify that you are not a robot and click Submit Request, you are done.

Submit Site to Yahoo!

Yahoo no longer has its own search engine and it uses Bling search engine to show up results. If your site is indexed in Bling it automatically shows up in yahoo searches. The next topic explains you on how to submit your site to Bling, You can follow those steps to get indexed in yahoo as well.

Submit Site to Bing

You can submit your website to Bling using its Webmaster tool. Login to your Bling account, if you don’t have one create a new account and access the webmaster tool. You will have option to type in your domain name and “submit” it.

You also need to submit your XML sitemap of your website to Bling and verify your domain. This can be a little complicated for people those who have no knowledge on servers and HTML. Once you have done all these, you have successfully submitted your domain to all the major search engines.

The next step is to market your website and bring in quality audience to your website. Contact us if you are in need of any expert service for web development and digital marketing.

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