How to Improve Sales through Your Ecommerce Site

In this era of online marketing, a lot of business owners before stepping into the world of E-commerce come up with a common question – How much business they can expect from their new web store? Well, this is not an easy question to answer as a lot depends on the success rate of the website. Even though it is the onus of web developers to ensure proper development and implementation of your web store, but at the end of the day, achievement will be determined by the strength of your business model as well as your willingness to manage and promote the website on a regular basis.

Revenue Calculator for Ecommerce Site

Nevertheless, it is possible to figure out an approximate sales value for any Ecommerce website through the Revenue Calculator:

Monthly Sales = Average sale value x Conversion rate x Monthly website visits

Focus on the Best Traffic Source

So, if you have the values for the above mentioned attributes, you can get a rough idea of the profit you can expect. Now, what if you want to enhance your sales? In order to figure out how to improve your online sales, you have to understand the current source of your website’s sales. Once you find it out, you will be able to focus your energies on that very source. Even if the average conversion rate of your website is just 3%, you can still improve the performance of your business by switching over to the traffic sources that offer better conversion rates.

To know the rate of conversion of any traffic source, simply configure your website properly with Google Analytics. It will show you the average transaction value. Once you figure out which source is offering the highest conversion rate, simply focus your marketing plan get as much as traffic from that very source. This will not only save your time but money as well.

Improve your Website Traffic

It would not be wrong to say that your Ecommerce sale is directly proportional to its traffic rate. However, sometimes it may get difficult to make the right choice for the traffic source. While Google AdWords can be a good marketing campaign for your business, it is usually profitable when your conversion rate is impressive enough. After all, in this campaign you shell out a fixed amount of money for every click. Therefore, make sure your Analytics accounts and AdWords are connected together.

Adding more but high quality content can be a feasible option for driving more traffic in an organic way. Experts see it as an effective strategy in the long run as contents help your customers to figure out the answers to the questions they have in their mind regarding your products/services. Blogs, FAQs, and Articles are the examples of great content.

Email marketing is also a great way to attract more customers to purchase your products/services. You can send emails on regular basis regarding any updates you like to share with them, which in turn would drive the customers back to your Ecommerce site. And like we said, more traffic usually means better sales.

Do you know who will be looking at your site today, why they came, what they will be looking for and, if they make a purchase – what will be the reason?

More than half of visitors spend the most time on product pages, mostly reading the product-specific text followed by looking – and zooming in – on the images, before considering making a purchase.

These are the Top Ten Essentials that a site visitor states as being the key elements that would convince them to make a purchase:

  1. Product overview

– Start with a clear overview of the product, follow up with a long description (mixing paragraphs and bullet points) for those who seek more information

  1. Merchant guarantee – in a prime location.
  2. Stock status/availability
  3. High quality image

– Provide a crisp, clear image to give a true sense of the merchandise.

– Incorporate alternative views, zoom and color change

  1. Customer service links
  2. Product-specific information – include product comparisons ( if appropriate)
  3. Long (detailed) description
  4. Size chart
  5. Customer ratings – include user-generated ratings/reviews.

Your site should be clearly organized and geared up to provide an increasingly adept online, interactive audience with the right information you know they need via bullet points, short paragraphs and interactive tools. Establish an online conversation with the visitor about your products and solutions by showcasing each product with helpful, search-engine friendly product descriptions, a great picture and customer ratings and reviews.

It is the search engines that now define how your home page looks and functions and therefore it is critical that your website design agency optimizes product pages for the different types of traffic you are trying to attract.

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