Quick Guide to the Internet of Things(IoT)

Electronic devices connected to the cloud

Iot is fostering a revolution in mobile app development .Application’s of Iot are emerging in almost every vertical just like mobile apps. The increasing prevalence of smart devices and the ability to control all your devices from one single device is really appealing.

IoT is going to become a significant player in mobile app development services.

In this article i”ll explain what Iot is ,the popular Iot platforms ,Applications  and the benefits of IoT mobile apps.

IoT:Internet of Things

It is a concept of connecting any device to the internet and to other connected devices.

Pictoral representation of the connections in Internet of Things

They can be controlled remotely by a smartphone or computer.

 All of the IoT devices collect and share data about the way they are used .

When something is connected to the internet it has the capability to send or receive information. Whatever capabilities it lacks or wishes to have it can connect  and use those capabilities.


The network generally performs the same function of managing the connected network of devices. 

Devices /Sensors

These devices are connected to the cloud computers and the information is constantly transferred and communicated through the data center’s. 

Sensors and devices collect data and the processing happens in the cloud


The cloud refers to the internet platform where data is acquired, transmitted, processed, and stored.

The network  gathers data from all the components and arranges them systematically .

Insights from this data are used to make intelligent decisions.

This data processing could take place locally but cost and scalability are the two reasons it is done on the cloud

Platforms for Iot app development

Iot platforms are used to host and support an iot solution.

It consists of  a set of tools that help in the deployment ,monitoring , storing and processing of data from the connected devices

Popular Iot platforms include Azure IoT ,IBM Watson ,AWS , Oracle IoT and Kaa.

  • Azure IoT Hub

Logo of Microsoft Azure

Azure IoT hub is a managed cloud IoT service .

It allows bi-directional communication between IoT applications and the devices it manages meaning  that you can receive data from your devices, but you can also send commands and policies back to the devices

  • IBM Watson

A room where IBM Watson is housed

IBM Watson IoT Platform is a managed cloud-hosted service that enables you to securely connect ,manage and analyze IoT data

Watson IoT Platform’s additional add on services – Blockchain service and analytic service – enable organization’s to capture and explore data for devices, equipment, and machines, and discover insights that can drive better decision-making.


It is a platform that enables you to connect devices to AWS services and other devices, securely store process and act upon device data and enable applications to interact with devices when they are offline.

It also integrates directly with AWS Services like Amazon Simple Storage Service,Amazon DynamoDB,Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda,Amazon Simple Notification Service and Amazon Simple Queue Service.

Learn more about:

How AWS IoT Works.

Getting Started with AWS IoT.

Oracle IoT

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service enables secure and reliable bidirectional communication between IoT devices and the cloud.

 The devices can connect to the cloud directly, or indirectly through a gateway. 

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service assigns a unique digital identity to each device to establish trust relationships among devices and applications. It also enforces authentication and authorization for end-to-end communication security and to ensure proof of origin of data. 

 It is also provides reliable communication between the cloud and your devices, even over unreliable networks or with devices that connect intermittently.

Using REST APIs you can access Oracle IoT service from your enterprise applications


Kaa is an open source Iot middleware technology applicable for any scale of enterprise IoT development.

A logo of kaa, an IoT platform

Some of its features include

  • Connectivity

The Kaa platform supports lightweight IoT protocols for device connection, such as MQTT and CoAP. It is transport-agnostic and may support any IoT protocol.

 The protocol is fully open, asynchronous, and allows for arbitrary message formats.You can also choose between encrypted and unencrypted channels. Use the encrypted channel to secure sensitive data or the unencrypted channel for open data.

  • Device management

 Kaa allows you to store device attributes, which provide more detailed information about any characteristic of the device. 

Examples of such attributes could be serial number, MAC address, location, software version, etc. 

  • Data collection

This protocol ensures reliable data delivery with response codes, which indicate the result of data processing by the platform. 

Benefits of Iot Mobile App Development

  • Convenience

Connecting all your devices to the internet and using your smartphone to control them and use their features provides an added layer of comfort for users.

  • Monitoring

Real time data regarding equipment’s can help in minimizing downtime and taking precautionary measures to avoid any disastrous breakdown’s.

These applications have been really helpful in predicting possible system failure’s. 

Customers can also track their orders with the help of a mobile app improving their overall experience.

  • Understanding consumer’s

The data collected helps business in understanding exactly what consumers want by judging data from the applications they use daily.

This helps them to better tailor the product to make sure it meets the needs of  their customers and that they have a smooth and seamless experience.

Application of IoT


Without the mobile app, the smart devices would have nowhere to send their data. It would be inconvenient to have to hook up a smartwatch to a laptop every day to download data.

Healthcare and medicine

Devices like wearable’s and heart rate monitoring cuffs  give patients access to personalized attention.

Elderly patients health can be constantly tracked and in case of any negative changes alerts can be sent to family members and concerned health providers.

This allows physicians to track patients treatment plans and be more proactive 

Medical equipment like wheelchairs or other devices with sensors can be tracked 

Smart home’s

Person using a phone to control features in a smart home

A residence where appliances  are capable of communicating with one another 

Embedded with similar operating systems, appliances can respond to commands given.

Smartphones are empowered, via the internet, to remotely control things at home.

Other functions such as opening curtains, lighting the fireplace and opening the garage doors can be done by voice.

Homeowners can also monitor their homes remotely through camera’s. These devices have the ability to “learn” as well from the instruction and conversation it receives from the mobile app


By using smart devices you can automate multiple steps in the production process like irrigation or pest control 

More control over the production process leads to a higher standard of crop’s

Drone used to spray pesticides.

Monitoring of climate conditions using smart sensors across the field .After analyzing this data farmers can choose appropriate crops and take appropriate measures to improve their output.

Some of these sensors can also collect data about the crops overall health allowing you to prevent diseases or infestations.


Mobile gaming  combined with augmented reality makes gamer’s feel as if they’re personally inserted into the narrative of a game .Many popular games also sync across platforms.

Person following instructions from a tv

The gamification of health ,fitness and education has also increased the popularity of Iot and mobile gaming .

The sensors like camera, accelerometer’s, touch and pressure sensors and even heart rate monitors that mobile apps tap into collect data about the user.This has led to the appearance of new market of users.

Motion Gaming in game consoles like Xbox and Playstation has made games more fun to play .Every movement and gesture is detected by the sensors making your in gaming character act in the same way.

Sensor Gaming suits also deliver’s multi sensory experience and make you feel involved in every step of the game . 

Industrial Usage

It includes software used for the implementation of production tasks such as smart machines and robots .

Smart machines and robots in a factory

With sensors manufacturers can monitor their equipment for accuracy and conduct proactive maintenance when sensors detect an impending failure allowing companies to reduce operating costs , get better uptime and improve performance.


An Iot solution is made up of devices or sensors that can talk with each other and with the cloud .This data is processed in the cloud and then sent to the user. Iot is becoming extremely popular and is having a major impact in many industries. 

Mobile apps are becoming an extremely popular method to control other Iot device’s and they are being used by both individuals and enterprises. Iot is going to drive the future of all industries either directly or indirectly.  

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