Fonts play an important role while creating a website

Fonts, in the normal sense, mean the style, size, and beauty of the letters. The font deigns to differ and make the page appear beautiful. As far as Web Fonts are considered, there are more parameters which can play a decisive role in the embedding of the fonts in the webpage. The website designers are aware of the points and thus can offer the best explanation to their respective clients. The graphics and web developers create the websites and the mobile applications. While designing the same, they have to consider various factors and come forth with the results after the perfect analyzing of the following points:

  • Because people view the websites on different devices, it is very important the website should have content which is clear and easily legible. The users should not feel the need to constantly zoom the text in the smaller screens. The fonts should be of an optimum size which is easy to read on the devices. An ill-fitted text never attracts the attention of the online visitors and the users lose the interest in the website.
  • The fonts should be such that the loading time of the website should not be interrupted with. If the size of the file is difficult to upload due to the size of the fonts, then the website developer knows the best solutions and the answers to such problems.
  • The font size should be good enough to offer complete scalability to the websites. If the website is not fully opened, then the website is of not much help to the visitors and this means that the website is of no use.
  • The web font should be such which is easily available in the all the devices. This means that the font should be supported by the diverse devices. Is it is not, and then the website becomes useless eventually to the users.
  • The Web Fonts are basically of 2 types; Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and WOFF2. Both are compatible to design the web pages and the later one has improved compression too. The designers can opt for either one as most of the browsers support the Fonts and still, it is safer to opt for the Web safe Font.
  • This aspect is technical side and the professionals who are aware of the CSS or the Cascading Style Sheets can offer the best suggestion for the use of the fonts which will make the website easily accessible to the users in the diverse platforms.

A website which is not easily available to the users is of no use. This is the reason behind the success of the user-centric sites and the companies which have the scalable fonts can offer complete usability to the users.

Hence something like Font which may seem unimportant to the layman is actually of much use while designing the website and the service providers has to be sure of the kind of Font they want to use.

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