Ed-Apps are fast growing in pandemic

EdApps are fast-growing in pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has hit the economy but some business which have got reverberated such as e-commerce, food delivery and etc,. These apps have helped people much since they’ve been forced to stay inside their home.

Heads up with the scenario, this pandemic made all universities and schools to shut down but not stopped students from learning. e-Learning apps have helped students to learn remotely. Some apps were free to use and some are paid, only you have to pay for the certification.

Lectures have taken place in “Microsoft team”, “Zoom” and other video conference platforms. Education has turned to digital education in this pandemic period so students can submit assignments, attend webinars, course tutorials and write examinations from their home through their mobile phones or laptops.

Many companies have understood the need of students and increased demand of e-learning platforms, developed more apps which would help students and staffs to continue their syllabus. As of now there are thousands of mobile app for students in the app market.

e-Learning growth in market:

Accoding to the Valuates reports the expected CAGR has been grown at the range of 10.85% for the year 2020-2025. This is because of the qualitative advantages like learn from anywhere and anytime, so the students can get benifitted by accessing worldwide tools for the skill growth.

Ed-tech companies which have seen geometric growth in the lockdown. In passing, Byju’s gained more than 7Million users on their platform by offering Free course contents. Even the other companies such as Toppr, Unacademy have gained 4x growth in this pandemic.

Survey source: PR Newswire

The year 2020 has seen many EdApps which are generating more than $200 Billion. This digital way has proven to be useful tool for learning.

Intrepid IT Services had developed EdApps which are making good revenues that will prove the time is right to develop interesting apps which may help students and institutions to get profited

Major elements of e-Learning are low cost, easily accesible and flexible learning. Statistics shows that the internet usage has been ranges around 3Billion.

Millions of students had shown interest on adopting e-learning technologies. Students who are learning, increasing in numbers and making use some e-learning apps and softwares for online courses such as Alison, Hubspot, Coursera and EdX., based on the course providers, this e-learning platform can be segregated by several services. These platforms are shaped inaccording to the users and rapid growth of market with a different options.

According to a recent survey e-Learning becomes the second category of demand during this pandemic. Trends of learning reached many ways to fulfill the demand of education.

e-Learning market has been splitted into:

  • Primary education
  • Online tests
  • Online certifications
  • Higher education
  • Casual and language learning.

Some of the trends of e-learning:

Emerging technologies such as AI platform, AR, VR and big data are used to enable many companies and some of the institutions to share their innovative ideas and contents for the e-learning platforms.

Cloud based e-learning apps reduces massive costs and allow students to access millions of contents for low cost and even for free, this had reduced and terminated the installation of large apps and softwares.

Learning Management System (LMS) which was an emerging technology launched in the year 2018 and many institution and corporate sectors have adopted this technology to help their students or employees to train, manage and monitor the performance.

Knowledge holding:

Online platforms delivers effective learning which contains several interactive modules and that can be paused and repeated anytime you needed. Short modules are referred to as Micro learning, so this helps to learn quickly and more memorable.


In the last two years Game based learning has became popular learning method in e-learning. This method increases overall engagements on a particular course topic and increases ROI. This will be expanding more in the next few upcoming years. Several organizations started providing game based modules to enhance the user’s skills in a highly effective manner. If a learner has earned a badge for a course completion then that is for motivating the users to enhance the learning process more interactive and enjoyable.

AI learning:

AI based learning is one of the leading idea to train corporates and business that only some of the organizations have completed the development. AI powered learning would get lot of traction since the technology allows to understand the user’s behaviour and offer a customized learning. 45% of Ed-tech companies have integrated AI based Chatbots for the users to find the desired courses in ease.

Increasing engagement:

e-learning apps are creating more users to participate and increase engagements as classroom setting. Social learning is one of the way to interact virtual classroom which includes chatroom. rating features and users can able to comment their opinion about their comfortable of interaction. Admin can ensure the content quality and adjust it according to their need for providing effective e-learning experience.

Factors for the growth of e-learning:

We might think about the how the e-learning has grown over the past tenner. here it is:

Computer and mobile applications usage have been increased so
more exciting oppurtunities of learning has been introduced through e-learning. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is a platform where you can find major courses related to computer science, data science and business analytics, etc., from top universities and course providers such as Harvard University, Microsoft Corporation and Google LLC,. Many virtual tutoring centres have been created to teach. Social media and social apps reached high in the market to promote the digital learning. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has been used to develop and change the way of learning methods to virtual learning where users can feel the reality behind. Global workforce has been upgraded and skilled labors are migrated worldwide.

Benifits of MOOC:

Most of the people prefers MOOC’s and pay for taking up the courses, since the MOOC’s are giving spare time for the employees and students to complete courses as per their wish.

Udacity offers a nanodegree program which are industry recognized courses for the students to get advanced skill learning. Typically it takes 4 months to complete and gain a nanodegree, it costs about only $1000. Topics focus on business management and technology.

Main benifits:

This method is been a open door for better education and improves student’s chance of learning as per their convenient and the way of learning that was hard to come before. Students are attracted to the quaity education benifits listed below:

  • 24/7 access: Scheduling your learning period depends on your convenient that are exclusively made up
  • Accelerated learning: e-learning allows anyone to study at their own pace, some may learn faster and easily gets bored which is constant cause.
  • Inexpensive: e-learning is not always free so they comes at an affordable price which is low compared to the university/school fees.

What do you think about future of e-learning?

In the era of increasing tech education, learning has become the most important for jobs in future. Employees are invited to complete relevant trainings for their jobs

With the use of online education app, students can make their doubts cleared. Mobile app can notify students about their online class timings and schedule for their test.

Through this mobile app, parents can keep a track of student’s academic performance as a report. This report consists of student’s attendance and remarks for improvement. Communication between teachers and students becomes very smooth and easy with chat features.


During this time of crisis, mobile apps are the key helping people in many ways. Intrepid IT Services has developed more EdApps and helped some educational institutes to start teaching. Even after the lockdown ends hopefully those mobile app helps students to learn.

Don’t pass more time by thinking. Grab the oppurtunity of developing a e-learning app now. Though we’ve explained about the benifits, growth and revenue generation of e-learning platforms. All you need is to choose the right platform. We develop apps according to your budget so don’t hesitate to approach us for a friendly discussion.

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