Most Common Mobile App Development Mistakes

With over 2.7 billion smartphone user’s across the world, the mobile app industry is growing at a rapid pace.(Source: Statista)

The average consumer is likely to check their smartphone 47 times every day.

90% of the time spent on mobile is on apps  and as mobile app usage continues to grow it is essential that apps are built the right way to provide sustainable long term results.

Many factors add to the complexity of a mobile app and they can surprise you down the road with additional costs and time if not planned for.


Poor usability ,lack of understanding the target markets needs,faulty and poor operating software are some of the common problems faced .

The more complex it is for users to navigate the app, the higher the rate of user abandonment.

The app should be simple for the user to use.App interface should be easy to understand and should include well defined features that are easy to operate.

Person using Mobile App

  • Efficiency

You need to provide a balance between  just enough information and making navigation as speedy and efficient as possible.

  • User Friendliness

Operating systems change every now and then, and sometimes these changes are more or less subtle. Not paying attention to them could result in the app feeling outdated.

Different devices come with different mobile screen resolutions.

Constantly update the apps to make sure it includes popular features.

2.Not Understanding Target Audience’s Needs

Failing to understand your target market will result in the product failing in the market.

Companies who outsource the development of the app have to ensure that they specify what needs to be included ,as they understand their target audience better than anyone else.

Who is your target audience and what do they expect from an app.

Examine your target market and understand the problems that customers are facing and how you can solve that problem.

Identify, analyze and predict the behavior of your target audience.

Three key points to keep in mind:

  1. Give users what they want .Tailor it to their needs and help them accomplish what they want.
  2. Add features that are popular.Market research and what has worked for competitors.
  3. What types of features current apps offer and the types of functionality that users are already used to .A list of essential and prevalent features should be compiled  what’s important is whether or not these features solve a real problem..

Prioritize what the user will be able to accomplish by using the app.

3.Inaccurate Deadline’s

Cartoon of a girl crying due to lack of time

When teams miss deadlines its more likely to go overbudget. A delay in one project could delay others in the pipeline throwing off multiple project schedules .

Avoiding these delays requires careful planning, realistic estimation and excellent communication between a project manager,stakeholders and the development team.

  • Analyze and critically assess the project and all its details
  • Examine all the steps down to their finest details to ensure everything is factored in
  • Having a well defined scope will help the developers make a reasonable estimate of how long the task will take to complete.
  • Be realistic when setting deadlines .Some things will be impossible to predict when you’re planning ,allow a cushion for unpredictable setbacks and other scenarios that could delay your efforts


4. Clearly Specified Technical Requirement’s

All the technical requirements should be clearly specified during the planning phase this allows the team to process what needs to be done.

The best way to approach this is to write down all your requirements and describe how you envision the end result. Once shared with the developer, you can engage in a discussion to ensure that you’re both on the same page.

5. Testing The App

The growing number and type of mobile devices is leading to fragmentation of OS, screen sizes, variations of standard OS and more .Its neither possible nor necessary to test your app for all the variations instead focus on the most popular devices among your target demographic

More severe and highly probable risks should be manually tested as early and often as possible.

Not testing your app can result in many bugs , a poor user experience and eventually uninstalls.

Testing has to be part of the development process to ensure quality is maintained.

6. Unclear Communication

Poor communication can lead to frustration and even project abandonment.

Employees communicating in a room

You should have regular meetings with project members from the entire project team to present the projects progress and raise any issues or concerns they may have. Any misunderstanding between members will be immediately detected and fixed.

Good communication keeps everyone on track


7. Not having a Marketing Plan

With around 3.9 million apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store combined.(Source:Statista)

Marketing Plan to get more users for mobile app.

How are you going to stand out?

You could have the best app in the world but if people don’t know about it and don’t download it , it essentially helped no one.


You should start thinking about how to market an app even before development.

When setting any marketing plan address the two question’s

  1. How are you going to attract users and how much will it cost.
  2. What metrics are you going to use to measure success.

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Connect with our experts and leverage our extensive experience to build a relevant strategy for your mobile application.

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