Chatbots: Beyond the digital marketing

Do you know what are chatbots?:

They’re tiny program that stimulates human conversations through AI. These chatbots interacts with humans automatically if a human texts.
Predefined conditions are programmed to respond for the messages.

Chatbots in marketing business and customer services:

In 2020 chatbots are started playing an vital role in marketing department for a business.
Due to this COVID_19 pandemic situation, every business worldwide had been faced many issues on making their profit and bringing out their business.

In this right time some business had moved their market to online presence with a tool called “Digital marketing” and started surviving the pandemic.

Some business have initiated chatbots to their live chat in webistes, social media pages and SMS etc,.

Quick replies to the customer queries and find a resolution to a complaint or a problem is the major complication that 70% company worldwide faces. Instead, chatbots can be used to their customer services channels.

Cute bot say users Hello. Chatbot greets. Online consultation. Vector cartoon illustration

AI in advanced customer services:

Chatbots are advanced AI smart capablieites that can help predict the customer’s mindset of purchasing from the company by the use of purchase history and customer’s way of product search.

Chatbot is the most popular API’s on the web to be integrated in websites, livechat and social media to respond customers automatically.

Even there are some tools to launch a chatbot integration and only the conversational mapping architecture you need to do. These won’t cost you more so by the way they’re little no cost development product.

Only API’s are the reason to allow the program to interact with human with the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) so this is the reason which helps you to feel like interacting with a human but to the chat machine.

Chatbot’s future market:

At present 60% companies in United States have integrated and used chatbots.
Moreover many business had turned them automated with chatbots and customers of around 50% are expecting the deals via chats and mails.

In the next 2 years, customers might find information related to purchase in a click of a button.

Even customers are facing some frustating things in online experience

* Long time to find the proper services
* Can’t get relevant answers
* Navigation to sites are very tough
* Business basic details are hard

Business benifits and customer services:

Chatbots can help with the frustations that every customers bear with it. Simple answers like basic information about a company can easily performed by the chatbot in support systems.

If a customer ask a question related to order shipment then the chatbot can identify the question with the context of the question and reply to the customer as FAQ.

Chatbot can immediately respond the questions related to if a customer wants to do an international shipment.

Chatbot can connect the customer to an Support executive if he/she needs an elaborated discussion.

Playing lead role to acquire more customers easily than the human agents.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an algorithm tool which is helping the moders chatbots to make conversation and direct messages with the customers.

Chatbot can drift up some important informations of customers and forward it to the sales team and they can follow up.

Chatbot’s way of educating customers:

Chatbot can ask few series questions to the customers automatically route them to correct conversation

* Hi! I’m Nemo Bot, how can i help you?
* Are you interested in purchasing our products we offer
* Do you need help with this
* Give us your contact information, sales team will call you soon!

Customer data is a mine:

Conversational marketing is a bit fat theory, chatbot uses data for better performance on customer interaction and sales on products. Chatbot analyzes the previous purchase history of the customer. Conversational marketing is unique in learning customer habits for sales.

Seamless user experience would be there if the chatbot records the customer’s data and stores it for later. Those data would help the company to sell their products. This automated chatbot is the future of marketing boils down the data.

Regular customer’s data can be used to advertise. If the chatbot analyzes the wishlist of your customer then it would be helpful to keep a track on their purchase history and liked products having a foot in the future. These data helps to advertise, which would bring good results in business.

Do you know chatbots have types?

1. Website chatbots
2. Social media chatbots

Website chatbot: This is the most popular chatbot in the market, since many business are upon their website they do deals, convenience and customer chat. By adding a chatbot to the website can enhance a good experience.

Chatbot can greet a customer (Customizable) and book appointments with suggested services.

Think! Chatbots can give your customers 24/7 online assist services, greet the customers, answer customer’s questions and so on with a polite attitude which many human’s won’t able to do.

Social media chatbots: Facebook’s chatbot platform through messenger platform is a masterpiece. Facebook’s chatbot helps you to provide automated messaging and answers questions to the customers.

Facebook bots can send and receive text messages with images. This assists with a greetings and call to actions fo better assistance.

Simply you can import the messenger templates that helps customer to interact with the chatbot.


//Forbes says, over 3 Lakh+ chatbots are live in Facebook//


By implementing chatbot in Facebook, would help you to enhance your customers and point the bone at new products design or launching of a product so you don’t need a human to keep remind of it.

It’s important to implementing chatbots in the valued way so that improves your experience and customer’s experience.

Meanwhile Twitter has a chatbot platform where real-time data can be fetched out and traffic patterns can be obtained.

This may increase your engagement with your customers and increase sales with them who interacts with you. API’s can help brand strategists and customer services agents to automatically perform actions.


Chatbots are the real-time virtual assistant that climb brands which are connected to customers and stimulate the business to reach high in the market. If a business plans to gain more knowledge on insights about their business then chatbots can sure help out in upcoming business years.

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