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14 Noteworthy Examples of Progressive Web Apps
Examples of Progressive Web Apps  Make My Trip Uber Pinterest Flipkart Twitter Lite Book My Show Forbes OLX Suumo OLA George.com Nikkei Tinder Starbucks Before I begin to listing out their results, let me first explain what a PWA is...
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Web and mobile app development
Power up your business’s IT Game with Intrepid
First and foremost your business needs to be updated all the time with new improvements in technology and software. Today all of the businesses have their own online marketing platforms or mobile applications through which purchase and sale of products...
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Top genres which utilize IT in their business the most
IT Industry is one of the speedily growing industries in India as well as the world. IT or Information Technology revolves around the use of computer software for any business. It is more of an automation tool for a smooth...
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5 best ways to get quality feedbacks for applications
Customer feedbacks are important in any field in order to know if you are going in the right direction. They also help us to make improvements as per user requirements. Getting quality feedbacks is important even when it comes to...
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4 New web Application Development Trends in 2018
We all know that the web technologies are here for good as is evident from the fact that these are ruling the business operations across the globe. The trends are changing at a very high pace. It is thus very...
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