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mobile application development for startups


Any sector today is incomplete without the use of Mobile application or automation. Mobile app is an emerging form of technology and it is becoming an integral part of our daily life. Aviation, hospitality, retail, consumer services, medical facilities, transport and many more industries are seen to make the maximum use of mobile app for their task force. Mobile phones has become the integral part of any one’s life as it gives them a high connectivity and accessibility to the world market, let it be software or some parts of the hardware.

People with new ventures are emerging and the biggest challenge in front of such entrepreneurs is the selection of the best mobile app Development Company or software Company.

There is a wide range of companies outside but Intrepid IT Services is unique in its own way. Intrepid IT Services is a mobile app development company based in Chennai that makes your business grow at a good level with their unusual digital strategies.

Why choose Intrepid IT Solutions?

Not just a mere software development company but a professional supplier of high-end results Intrepid provides its clients with the best of features and customer-oriented approach. Here are a few points to choose this company over any other.

Multiple spheres

Mobile and web development services
web application development and mobile application development services

Intrepid IT Services not only focus on mobile application development but also work for web development, digital marketing, scalable cloud application development and much more. With excellence in all portals of online marketing, your business can boost up in each and every aspect due to consultancy for the same. Not just limited to mobile application development but Intrepid IT services can be your best choieb ce for getting stunning online presence with their web designing services too.


mobile app security
Web development and mobile app development security

IT industry has potential threats of cyber hacking and extraction of data by various illegal means. In order to have a good command on your mobile app, security is of prime importance. Intrepid IT Services provides with the best cyber security mechanism keeping your mobile application and supporting platforms free of any virus or data loss. It can be an indirect loss to your customers as well. Customer security is the prime factor through your application.

Equality factor

This can sound a little bit weird but not all mobile app development companies in Chennai shall give equal importance to each and every client they handle. Be your business on a smaller scale or a larger scale, Intrepid would work strongly in both to deliver the best services. You need to relax a little as they will leave no stone un-turned.


When you are hiring a consultant or any other technician in a general sense, you need to be sure that whether they will provide you with high-quality service all the time. If they are committed then only your website or mobile application work wonders. Once a formidable design is prepared the job is not done. It is the prime responsibility of the company to keep your business application updated. So when you decide to open a start-up, Intrepid IT Solutions is the option you need to think of for your software development needs. Intrepid make sure all the employees and the management staff working on your project are fully committed to deliver the best product for your business. Each team in Intrepid IT Services is a committed team which will not be working on simultaneous projects, which is professionally qualified to develop any complex application and a team which can easily understand the scope of your requirement and deliver the best solution for your requirement on time every time.


Customized mobile app development
Application development customization

Intrepid IT Solutions give customization as the top priority in mobile app development and web development. Your website or app is the first impression of your new venture. Your customer count depends on this factor. If your developer prepares the mobile app according to your requirements and also make changes when needed, your business will flourish beyond excellence. With greater inputs from the development team, your start-up will take less time to establish itself as a prime business. Intrepid will give your ideas the first priority and that makes it stand out from the rest. With years of experience in application development and digital marketing, Intrepid can also provide valuable feedback on customization of the application which not only provide value to your customers but also attract more customers to your application.


With the opening of new start-ups, there rises a question of authenticity of the IT team. Intrepid is serving a large number of businesses today and their certified developers are one main reason. With more than 10 years of experience in the same field, Intrepid can be trusted as a pioneer and professional digital transformation agency. Certified and professional services are making beneficial changes in the businesses of many. So if you wish to have a great mobile application and a good digital marketing strategy you already know whom to consult.

Hassle-free management

Errors are common in software development but Intrepid IT Services work day and night to eliminate small loopholes in the system of the clients they are serving to. For better functioning of any business, they constantly test the application to ensure there is no run time issues in the application. Implications of new ideas in online marketing are done on by Intrepid and this only makes it unique. Intrepid IT Services is connected with more than 100 renowned brands not only in India but also on a global level mainly because of their hassle-free management.

Speedy delivery

Software delic=very on time every time
Speedy delivery to clients

Time is an important factor for any business. Your money is invested in the business per second and if you want your business to thrive for a longer period of time it is essential that your mobile app development company keeps it updated and delivers content on time. Intrepid with linked to so many brands; not a single time there has been a slight delay in the online flow of data. Big brands like 22 yards, Spellbee International, Orel have Intrepid IT Services for their mobile app development and digital marketing services. The team will never dissatisfy you.  

Customer oriented

Your new business is online and you are hesitant how to handle the customers then no need to worry as Intrepid will give the best user interface as customers are the top priority. You will get a better idea from the customer point-of-view and thus deliver excellent services to them. Customers are God, and Intrepid is working with the same belief.

Intrepid IT Solutions is one of the emerging and the best Mobile app development and Digital marketing firm serving larger brands, government sectors as well as small ventures. With no compromise in quality, it looks forward to getting your business strong in the competitive market and your newly opened business will get the best Digital assistance.

So the thought of searching for the best IT programmer, Intrepid is the best option with its wide range of services and amazing consultancy. From mobile to websites and blogging, it will prove to be a boon for your business. Mobiles, food products, personal care – any business is incomplete without digital transformation agency.

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