5 best ways to get quality feedbacks for applications

Customer feedbacks are important in any field in order to know if you are going in the right direction. They also help us to make improvements as per user requirements. Getting quality feedbacks is important even when it comes to web applications. Here are some ways of getting user feedback.

  1. The traditional method:

In the moderated usability tests the user actually sits in front of the application and makes use of the application to get certain tasks done. The tester will design real-life scenarios and the user is asked to complete the same and give a feedback for the same. In this method there is a facilitator to who will moderate the testing. In this method the tester must use a real user who will actually use the product or site. The tests need to be done on one to one basis. In this traditional method you have the chance of getting lots of data which gives you details about the usability issue. But this can be a expensive method.

  1. Un-moderated method:

In the un-moderated usability method there is no facilitator in this method. In this method, a software is used which tells the user what he needs to do. Now a days screen capture video is used. Audio recording is also done for the customer feedback. It involves the automatic collection of data and it is a less expensive method. However, you cannot probe and ask questions in this method. Also the user will have to download the software.

  1. Remote usability test:

This is similar to the traditional method. But in this method, the user and the moderator can communicate with each other via video conferencing. It saves on travel costs but at the same time, there can be some technical issues. The user will also have to download the remote testing application for the purpose.

  1. Surveys:

One of the easiest ways to get feedback is by surveys. You can send them easily and can get lots of useful information with ease. You can have short or long surveys. These surveys will have questions. Ideally, you must out open-ended questions. You can send these surveys in the form of a link to the users. You can also put the link on social media platforms.

  1. Having feedback boxes:

Having feedback boxes is a good idea. But it should be simple. It must be easily available and you must try it in different locations. Once you start getting feedbacks you must make sure that you go through the same and take constructive measures. If a customer has asked for a particular feature to be included in the application then try to work out ways for the same. If they have technical issues then connect them to the support staff. You must also give them directions and descriptions about how to use certain features. This will encourage the users to give more genuine feedback.

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