4 New web Application Development Trends in 2018

We all know that the web technologies are here for good as is evident from the fact that these are ruling the business operations across the globe. The trends are changing at a very high pace. It is thus very important for the business segment to gear up to be at the same page with the changing trends. The web application development trends should be foreseen not only for the present but for the future use as well. This is because the speed at which the trends change is very fast.

The weakness of the websites which leads to poor ratings can be the poor website UX. This has been identified by the Google analysts. As more and more people are flocking to the web for the completion of various tasks, the need to be at peace with the trends is also increasingly becoming popular. Online shopping is one of the most popular web indulgences and constitutes to the 50% of the activity alone. 38% of the visitors stop indulgence in a particular website if the site does not offer trendy content or stuff. Hence we come forth with some of the new web application development trends in 2018:

  • The Chatbot Revolution: these can quickly get the information from the customer via their service chatbot without any interference of the manager. The online assistance is being offered by mostly all the e-commerce websites. People are able to make ticket bookings, order online food etc. with just a click and no human intervention is required for such activities.
  • Motion UI will allow the websites to get rid of the flashing advertisements and allow styling with the help of animations for gathering reach among the users. Static UI is the most preferred one in such a case.
  • The blockchain is helping the computers become secure with him data. Computers are a storehouse of the important data and thus the security of the data is a big question. Banks can really upon this security system. Cryptography is used for the formation of the records of the data.
  • Single-page sites are gaining attention in 2018 because it is less expensive and easy to navigate, as all the data is pulled in one single page; the users find it simple to keep clicking along the page for the information of their choice. Bouncing of the pages becomes less as a single page is having the data. Such sites are highly versatile.

It is essential to be on the same page as the trends are otherwise the concept of the website will not be as conceptualized. Change is the most important element in the age of internet and any company which fails to keep up with the trends falls apart in the real sense. The service providers are also hiring the programmers who are aware of the latest tools so that they can extend the best combination of services, software and internet tools to the respective clients.

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