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14 Noteworthy Examples of Progressive Web Apps
Examples of Progressive Web Apps  Make My Trip Uber Pinterest Flipkart Twitter Lite Book My Show Forbes OLX Suumo OLA Nikkei Tinder Starbucks   Before i begin to listing out their results, let me first explain what a PWA is and why brands  are switching to it  What are...
8 Steps to Understanding how Mobile Apps are Developed
Mobile app development involves a lot of expenditure of time, money and effort, so its very important you get it right the first time. By reading this article ,you’ll have a better idea of : The entire app development process  Ready to get started ? Lets dive in How are...
Electronic devices connected to the cloud
Quick Guide to the Internet of Things(IoT)
Iot is fostering a revolution in mobile app development .Application’s of Iot are emerging in almost every vertical just like mobile apps. The increasing prevalence of smart devices and the ability to control all your devices from one single device is really appealing. IoT is going to become a significant...
Mobile App Development Frameworks build apps faster
9 Popular Mobile App Frameworks in 2019
Apps can be built using each platforms native tools Objective-C , Swift for iOS and Kotlin, Java for Android. They can also be built using the cross platform mobile app development frameworks that would allow the app to work on multiple operating systems allowing developers to write less code.  In...
Types of Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps: Types and Categories
Types of Mobile apps 1. Native apps Built exclusively for a mobile devices operating system can not be used on a platform other than the one it was created for .therefore they are “native” to a particular platform or device.   Native apps can be accessed and installed from their...