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Benefits of building an Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Do you know what is an MVP? Minimum Viable Product (MVP), is a minimal version of a product that has enough features to satisfy the customer requirements. Product flexibility level increases while implementing Agile development for the entire process and the key elements. Do you think it is important? At...
Ed-Apps are fast growing in pandemic
EdApps are fast-growing in pandemic COVID-19 pandemic has hit the economy but some business which have got reverberated such as e-commerce, food delivery and etc,. These apps have helped people much since they've been forced to stay inside their home. Heads up with the scenario, this pandemic made all universities...
Everything you need to know about API
Application Programming Interface which helps application to communicate with major servers like Facebook or Google API’s for development. If the complexity increases due to number of devices increased then code comes difficult. To avoid such errors API integration came to market. API needs three major protocols such as Procedure: Specific...
DevOps and it’s automation
What is DevOps and how automation process takes place: DevOps, which is an emerging product development model for automating the software integration, testing and deployments with the techniques such as agile development and continous integration. By applying principles the entire product delivery process on your organization then you can able...
Which is the foremost cloud architecture that Intrepid IT Services wield?
First and foremost get to know about what is serverless and what are microservices? Serverless architecture is known as cloud execution model in which the cloud service provider runs the server dynamically and allow users to write code without the hassle of infrastructure. Microservice architecture is an approach to build...

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