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Website Development Process : 7 Steps to a Great Website
What exactly is a website development process? Simply put, It is the process of building and maintaining websites .   A website today  is more like a face for business these days as it allows the brand or business to get in touch with their customers. And then it will...
types of web applications
10 Types of Web Applications to Simplify your Business
In this article ,We go over the different types of web applications.   But first, lets understand what a web application is.   A web app is a website that designed to look and feel like a downloadable app. And just like websites , some are static and rarely updated...
Picture of a magnifying glass highlighting a bug on a computer screen.
15 Effective Mobile Testing Types (Everything you ought to know)
What are the different types of mobile testing ? You may have heard of some of them Functional testing, Security testing, Performance tests, Usability tests etc   Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.And no technique is better than the other.   In this article  you will get an overview...
14 Noteworthy Examples of Progressive Web Apps
Examples of Progressive Web Apps  Make My Trip Uber Pinterest Flipkart Twitter Lite Book My Show Forbes OLX Suumo OLA Nikkei Tinder Starbucks Before I begin to listing out their results, let me first explain what a PWA is and why brands  are switching to it. What are Progressive...
Picture of an app working on a desktop, tablet and mobile.
8 Steps to Understanding how Mobile Apps are Developed
Mobile app development involves a lot of expenditure of time, money and effort, so its very important you get it right the first time. By reading this article ,you’ll have a better idea of : The entire app development process  Ready to get started ? Lets dive in How are...