22 Yards.


22yards is a platform that helps connect players with league teams and cricket opportunities. Through an extensive networking system, 22Yards makes it possible for skilled players to gain visibility in the league set up.

   60 Days

Technology used: Angular Js, Ionic Framework, Cordova, Php, MySql

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Problem Statement:

With advancement in technology, a web portal was not sufficient to connect players and leagues. 22 yards also wanted to help players to improve their cricketing standards by connecting them with other players for regular practices.

Our Solution:

We developed a mobile application to book nets, ground, request for players and opponent teams to play with them.

This the state of the art design and automated solutions, the mobile application made 22 yards management to easily manage and scale up their business process effectively.

Within a short period of time, the application is downloaded by more than 1000 people and regularly using it for their net practices, ground booking and connecting with other players.

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